That Bet Urban Fiction Novel

That Bet Urban Fiction Novel

CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH the riveting monologue by the author, as she introduces her upcoming book, most uniquely, baring her soul to the world. In the monologue, she finds herself consumed by her traumas and overwhelmed by society, to the point that suicide seems like the only answer.  Take an emotional ride with the author as she's forced to face tragic situations from her past, that provoked inspiration for the future.

What does the author expect to accomplish?

Brisha Brichelle hopes that after watching the book promo, people connect with their pain and use it for change. She decided to use her pen and write thought-provoking fiction novels. She believes that everyone has something to contribute to society becoming better.

 What is the book about?

This book is an urban fiction novel about a community changed forever, by a HEARTLESS "petty bet” made between a judge and a police officer…

 Meet the Characters

White woman in the window, is the judge’s wife, that uses a discovery about him, and his colleagues against him to her advantage, if he didn’t meet her heinous demands…

Police officer is the uncle of one of the young white boys, that of which he owes a favor for under the table activities…

Black boy in the very front is Tyren. The community curb drug dealer, whose life is forever changed.

Two black boys behind him are close, friends and amazing supporting characters in their own, right

Young black lady in the pencil skirt, is a “wise beyond her years”juvenile justice educator by day, and poetry enthusiast by night


Elderly black woman, featured in the center, and obviously the epitome of wisdom, is the grandmother of Tyren…. Of which she was forced to take care of due to the loss of her son, and the drug addiction of his mother.

Lady at the back with the feathers is also Tyren’s grandmother. Featured in a flashback of her burlesque days, that of which, one day dancing, she was informed of her sons murder….


Enjoyed meeting the characters? …

Their experiences, challenges, changes, and triumphs will pull your heartstrings.

This piece of urban fiction, will leave you on the edge of your seats. You'll laugh and cry, but most importantly, reignite your WHY! We all have one!





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Yes can’t wait to read it, congratulations on book #2!!!

Vivian Owens

Love ya and proud of you!

Arlinda Brown

Sis, God only takes us through life’s journey so that we can help others through our own testimonies. This is just the beginning and he is not done yet. Don’t believe me just watch!!

Michelle Watkins

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